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There is no fee required to become an authorized agency to receive criminal background information. You must qualify by Maryland law to be eligible. A written description of the services you provide and the recipient of those services will help to expedite the processing your request.

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Private employers must complete the Private Party Petition packet :. If you are an agency providing any of the services listed below, you must complete the General Registration form. Federal Register - Notice of Fee Increase. Effective January 1, rates for submitting federal background checks via the Maryland Criminal Justice Information System - Central Repository will increase in accordance with the fee schedule established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Fingerprint-based volunteer submission will only increase 50 cents.

What is the difference between a federal crime and other types of crimes?

All fees must be paid by credit card Master Card, Visa, and Discover or check. The Central Repository cannot accept cash. There is a maximum of five ink cards printed per customer.

You may choose to have your fingerprints taken at another agency. Make sure to check with that agency for their fingerprinting fees as fees may vary. Skip to Main Content.

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The Complete Guide to Background Checks

You must have Javascript enabled to see this menu. Notice: JavaScript is not available in your browser. Some enhanced features will not be available until JavaScript is enabled. Background Checks Individual Background Check For Employment Purposes: If you are seeking employment in the state of Maryland, your employer must request the background record check.

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You must: Use the fingerprint cards supplied by your employer, or Have your employer's authorization number available. You may go to your local law enforcement agency to be fingerprinted on the state fingerprint card known as Form Box , Pikesville, Maryland, Box , Pikesville, Maryland , or call the Central Repository in Baltimore City at or toll free number to request a fingerprint card.

Box Pikesville Maryland , or overnight the fingerprint card to Reisterstown Road, Suite , Baltimore Maryland See the schedule of Associated Fees below. You may expect a response in 10 - 15 business days. Hazardous Material Endorsement for Commercial Driver's Licenses The Transportation Security Administration has passed regulations requiring commercial drivers that transport hazardous materials to undergo a security screening that includes a criminal history background check.

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Run an instant database search on An Employee Myself. Comprehensive Personal or Employee Background Checks. Get the verified truth! Federal Criminal History A federal criminal search is conducted by ordering searches of records at a particular US District Court for crimes that are federally prosecuted. State Criminal History A statewide search may yield information from multiple counties in a given state, useful for discovering crimes outside of the immediate area in which the requested subject lives or works. Criminal History Since local law enforcement report felony and misdemeanor charges to county court houses, county criminal record searches are one of the most powerful sources for uncovering criminal records.

Add role specific reports or verifications Driving Record Revoked license, accidents, traffic violations. Drug Screening Single source screening and drug testing solution. Employment Verification Confirm past employment and job position.

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Credit Report Credit report from one credit bureau. Does not include credit scores. Reference Verification Contact and verify personal references. Bankruptcy Report Full search for any bankruptcy recorded in any US bankruptcy court. County Civil Search Civil claims, suites and judgments. Federal Civil Search Civil claims, suites and judgments involving the federal government.

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