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One said Santa Clara requires us to fax while other said we could upload. The point is if it is so difficult to fax and get a confirmation and the get the process even started good luck with getting it on time. At this point we feel if we had done it through mail directly with the county probably it would have been better. How long does it take to have one created for her and what sort of proof do I need if her existence? I no longer live in the state where she was born. Hello Jonathan. We suggest that you contact the Vital Records agency in the city where your daughter was born. They should be able to help you determine the type of documentation you will need and who you will need to contact.

We ordered a birth certificate over a week ago and it was supposed to be delivered ups air; UPS says they have not received the package at all from Vital check; only the billing details.

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Hello Agya. I ordered my birth certificate on October 10th. It is now December 5th and I have yet to receive it. I am highly dissatisfied. Hello Arianna. We are sorry to hear that you have not received your certificate yet.

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Please email your order number to us at vitals. Vital check is useless and does not speed up the process. We placed two orders within two weeks of each other for two different birth certificates and we have received the latter of the two and not the one that was originally placed first. How is this possible when we already received the latter of two orders that order we received within one week but this one will take 3 to 4 months.

Just insane if you ask me. So yes, I do believe a better option would be to go to your local office if you are able. And then to call the local office they just give you the same information the website gives you. Blah, blah, blah. So no sooner do you make the phone call and wait only to hear what the website is telling you. You have my money, I want my birth certificate. I guess I can kiss my March trip goodbye because I will not be able to get the passport in time. Extremely dissatisfied that it takes this long to receive something like this.

Would you appreciate it if I told you that you could not have that dental appointment, surgery, or vacation if this was you! Either hire more people or make it more convenient. Hello Tamara. Each state has different requirements and different processing times for vital records orders. If the two birth certificates you ordered are coming from different states, this may explain why the second certificate you ordered arrived first.

There are a handful of states that are experiencing very high order volume and their processing times are in the range you mentioned. Please contact us at vitals. Hi, my boyfriend and I have to travel within the next 3 weeks. He just order his birth certificate from Austin Texas using your service because the last one using US post office was never delivered. Do you think we will get it within the next week?

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He paid the expedite shipping business days. It is extremely urgent because he needs to get his passport. Hello Grace. Thanks for reaching out to us. Your boyfriend can log into VitalChek.

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Be sure to have the order number and pin number handy. If he has further questions, he can email us at vitals. I placed an order for my birth certificate on January 10th for travel purposes as i recently realized that I misplaced my birth certificate and still had a month left before cruise. I placed the order and requested express shipment. I am now 1 week away from cruise and still no birth certificate.

When i check online the last week…the website just says process complete yet nothing has arrived. This is so frustrating considering there is no refund if i miss this cruise.

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Please email us with your order number at vitals. Please excuse my ignorance, but in order to apply for a passport in person at the post office in Wisconsin , do I need to give away the birth certificate in which case I would need to order one from VitalCheck , or do I just need to bring along my original to be copied and given back to me? Thank you!

Very good question. When you apply for your passport, you will be required to submit your birth certificate with your application but it will be returned to you later once the process is complete. Thank you Sheila. You can obtain an official, or certified, copy of your birth certificate which would be valid for most legal purposes, including obtaining a US Passport either directly through the vital records agency in the state where you were born, or you may be able to order online through our website at vitalchek.

We hope this is helpful for you. Best regards. Good morning, Claudya. Please send us an email message with your order number to vitals. Waiting on hold for an hour, no one ever picked up, had one simple question about Los Angeles County, CA…is there any way to expedite getting a copy of birth certificate from Los Angeles County?

They say 4 weeks!?! Please call me xxx-xxxx -John. Hello John. I have forwarded your question on to our customer service team and someone should be contacting you soon. You can also email your questions to us at vitals. Hello Jinelle. Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions.

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You can order a birth certificate through VitalChek. NY state advises their processing time after the application is approved is 5 to 10 business days. NYC business days. I was born in Jay Florida and I am trying to get my original birth certificate not just a copy I want the one with my weight by length I want the original birth certificate that my mom got that she gave to me on her dying bed how do I obtain that? I have a copy but it looks nothing like my real birth certificate the one I gave my mom when she had me with a seal on it how do I get this?

Hello Margaret.