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Evan Evans and Crystal Dailey are assisting with the plans for the event. A discussion was held regarding the issue of scheduling Lions Club noon meetings vs. The current arrangement of alternating noon and evening meetings monthly was initiated in After reviewing and comparing the attendance information available, the board tabled the issue until the October meeting to give those who generally attend the evening meetings an opportunity to have input.

Water service has now been restored to all Ainsworth residents. A water main was repaired that allowed service to resume to residents on West Second Street west of Bone Creek. Water samples from South Street came back clear, so residents of South Street, including those on Ulrich Street and West Second Place, no longer have to boil their water prior to use.

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The boil water notice remains for residents of West Second Street until water samples there come back from the state. Anyone with questions may contact the city office. By a vote, with Schenk against, the council approved the three-year contract with the county for law enforcement.

In other business Wednesday, the council discussed the potential for developing houses in the city with local contractor Cory Griebel and contractor Lou Benscoter of Wayne. Griebel said he reviewed the recently completed housing study that showed the need for homes in Ainsworth. I have helped build 27 homes in Wayne the last few years, and I have seen a lot of great ideas.

Benscoter said his company has built 40 new homes and six apartment complexes in the Wayne area during the past five years. Benscoter said coming up with the needed down payment is the step that prohibits most people from being able to purchase a home. Using LB funding, the NCDC housing committee had assisted in the construction of four new homes and a commercial building inside the city limits. Council members expressed support for continued housing development in the city.

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No action was requested or taken. Johnson said the number of people willing to serve on the Historical Society is dwindling, and it was difficult to staff volunteers at several locations. It is ruining artifacts and it is unhealthy for both our volunteers and visitors.

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He said it would be ideal for the Historical Society to operate out of one facility instead of the current three. Schroedl said the city was aware the museums need some work. She said the city would try and offset some of the costs for improving the museums by applying for grant funding. The council took no action on the item Wednesday. Levi Lucht requested a hearing with the council regarding a nuisance code violation he recently received regarding the size of firewood piles on his property and other violations. Lucht said he cuts firewood for seven homes, and he did not realize there was a limit to the size of firewood pile he could have on his property.

Soles said the nuisance violation not only addressed the wood piles, but included general debris on the property as well as unlicensed vehicles.

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Lucht said he had cleaned up some of the issues, and would continue to work on removing the violations. The council approved giving Lucht 10 days to clean up the remaining violations related to vehicles and general debris, and 30 days to begin to address the wood piles. During her report, Schroedl updated the council on the damage to streets and water mains sustained in the western portion of Ainsworth from Bone Creek flooding. Schroedl said water service had been restored to all residences with the exception of those living on West Second Street west of Bone Creek.

Two water mains were damaged during the flooding. She thanked Fiala, Red and White Market and Seven Springs for assisting residents affected by the loss of water service. She said the best option for permanently repairing the water mains would be to bore in a line under the culvert on West Second Street. Schroedl also reported the Bone Creek bridges on South Street and West Second Street remain closed to traffic until the bridges can be inspected for any structural damage.

The next meeting of the Ainsworth City Council is scheduled for 5 p. The City Council Wednesday approved the budget and property tax request. After residences inside the city limits were reassessed for , some existing homes experienced substantial increases in their assessed valuation. The assessments are made using three years of sales data for similar homes. In addition to the existing value of residential property in Ainsworth increasing substantially, City Administrator Lisa Schroedl said the Farmers Ranchers Cooperative Feed Mill expansion project had not previously been included on the tax rolls, and was included for the tax year.

Schroedl said there are plenty of places the city needed additional funding. She said the streets department will see additional expenses this budget year following the damage sustained during flooding. The city must budget for all of its funding to potentially be spent during the year, even though the likelihood of the city spending all of the money available in its various funds is extremely remote. The council approved the budget and property tax request following the Wednesday hearings.

The levy includes The county has cut into its cash reserve and into its inheritance tax fund to fund repairs to county roads following flooding in March and September. Agricultural land value, which comprises the majority of real property value in Brown County, increased only slightly from to The commissioners approved the budget and property tax request following a public hearing Tuesday.

The city of Ainsworth reminds residents the bridges over Bone Creek on West Second Street and South Street are closed to traffic, and motorists are urged not to drive around barricades placed on the streets. Floodwater last week ran over the top of the streets, and the bridges need to be inspected for structural stability before South Street and West Second Street are reopened to traffic.

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Anyone driving around a barricade on a closed street may be cited. The city advises residents on West Second Street boil their water until further notice. The city continues to work to restore water service to West Second Street residents living west of Bone Creek. Water was previously restored for South Street residents.

Those residents are also asked to boil their water for the time being. Following another round of major flooding, Brown County Highway Superintendent Kenny Turpin told the Board of Commissioners Tuesday the roads department is working to get everyone at least one route out from their home before prioritizing other projects. Meadville Avenue experienced two additional washouts in addition to the Sand Draw box culvert completely washing away after having already been damaged following the March flooding.

Turpin said the roads department did get a bridge approach on the Sand Draw Creek repaired on th Avenue. The culverts there were crushed by cement. Turpin said the approaches to six bridges washed out, including three bridges on Bone Creek and two on Sand Draw Creek. Turpin said the roads department has one of those six, the Sand Draw bridge on th Avenue, repaired. He said they have also been working on Moon Lake Avenue. He said the roads department was still working to get two homeowners a way out after damage completely cut off their access in different parts of the county.

There are 13 spots on that road with either standing water or water running over the road, and the West Y is still under water. Commissioner Buddy Small said the county faces a monumental problem with the recent flooding, and the damage is as widespread as anyone has likely ever seen in Brown County. Numerous members of the audience offered their equipment and expertise to help the county wherever needed to get roads reopened as harvest season commences. If approved, the county could be eligible for state assistance. We will have to document all the people who are willing to work, the hours they work and the equipment they use.

She said she had experience documenting equipment and manpower for reimbursement during the wildfires. If the county receives the disaster declaration from the governor, the state would cover 80 percent of the cost of repairing the damage, with the county responsible for 20 percent. Commissioner Denny Bauer asked Olson if she would be willing to take charge of organizing the volunteer contractor effort.

The county would have to pay for the cost of the repairs up front, and then be reimbursed by the state or federal agencies if the disaster declaration is granted. Olson said the county can set things up in a way where it can be sure documentation is done properly so reimbursement can be received.

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A signup sheet was passed around Tuesday to those in attendance who were willing to supply equipment and labor to the recovery effort. Anyone interested in assisting the county by operating their own equipment or using their trucks to haul materials to assist the county is asked to contact Turpin at or visit with any of the commissioners.

Turpin said the roads department could use a lot of help, including people with trucks or bulldozers. Scott Wessel with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission said the commission could potentially help the county out with some materials. Audience member Mike Freeman said the repair effort is going to be much larger than the roads department can handle by itself. You have done a miraculous job, but harvest and winter are just around the corner.

Heavy equipment is going to be out there tearing up roads that are already in bad shape. Freeman said times are already tough, and farmers and ranchers will have to have some of these roads repaired or they are going to be in trouble regardless. Small said the county has brought in some contractors and volunteers already, especially those willing to haul material.

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Discussion Tuesday turned to Sand Draw Creek and the head cutting that will continue to move west now that the box culvert on Meadville Avenue has been completely washed away. Turpin said, after visiting with a representative from the Nebraska Department of Transportation, the focus has shifted from trying to stop the head cutting at Meadville Avenue to trying to stop it farther west at the Carpenter bridge. It would make that project much easier. We are getting these year rains every five years. The county will also be responsible for the cost of the fill material.

KBRB will provide information on the budget in an upcoming newscast. Wiedell said he discovered the issue the day before he was fired. My integrity is at stake, and I am prepared to whistle blow on the Brown County Hospital.

At that point, the commissioners moved to go into executive session with Wiedell.