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It occurs sporadically in persons over the age of Regardless of the fact that chickenpox is considered to be a disease of benign course, it may cause complications of different severity levels and with necessity of hospitalization. Since , a high incidence of chickenpox is observed in Poland. The aim of the present article was to analyze the epidemiological situation of chickenpox in Poland in with its comparison to the situation observed in the previous years.

The epidemiological situation ofchickenpox in Poland in was analyzed on the basis of aggregated data on infectious diseases published in the annual bulletins, i. In the present article the authors also referred to the Polish Immunization Programme for annex to the statement of the Chief Sanitary Inspector of 22 October In , cases of chickenpox were reported.

The highest number of chickenpox cases was registered in mazowieckie voivodeship, the lowest--in podlaskie voivodeship. The incidence was estimated at The highest chickenpox incidence, which amounted to The highest number ofchickenpox cases the peak was reported in the period from January to June. The lowest number of cases was registered in September. The chickenpox incidence was higher in men than women and in the inhabitans of villages Poland syndrome.

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Poland 's syndrome is a rare congenital condition, characterized by the absence of the sternal or breastbone portion of the pectoralis major muscle, which may be associated with the absence of nearby musculoskeletal structures. We hereby report an 8-year-old boy with typical features of Poland syndrome, the first documented case from Uttar Pradesh, India. Study aim: To assess the engagement of students of Warsaw university schools in sports and in recreational motor activities.

The questions pertained to participation in…. The signing of the agreement followed its unanimous approval by the ESO Council during an extraordinary meeting on 8 October Poland will be welcomed as a new Member State, following subsequent ratification of the accession agreement by the Polish Parliament.

Electron beam technologies in Poland state of the art and possibilities of development. The examples of their application has also been described. Assessing the epidemiological situation of scarlet fever in Poland in Since , Poland is observed epidemic growth in the number of scarlet fever cases.

However, incidence level is much lower than in previous epidemic periods. There were 13, cases registered in in total and the incidence was Cases among children and adolescents of less than 15 years of age accounted for The highest incidence was observed among 4 years old children Incidence in men Approximately 1.

Due to scarlet fever there were no deaths in Poland in Favourable epidemiological situation of scarlet fever in Poland is largely a result of demographic changes--reducing the involvement of children in society. In terms of disease prevention and control is necessary to increase the proportion of cases in which clinical diagnosis is confirmed by the result of bacteriological tests. Flood Frequency Analysis using different flood descriptors - the Warsaw reach of the river Vistula case study. Flood frequency analysis FFA is customarily performed using annual maximum flows.

However, there is a number of different flood descriptors that could be used. Among them are water levels, peaks over the threshold, flood-wave duration, flood volume, etc. In this study we compare different approaches to FFA for their suitability for flood risk assessment.

The main goal is to obtain the FFA curve with the smallest possible uncertainty limits, in particular for the distribution tail. The extrapolation of FFA curves is crucial in future flood risk assessment in a changing climate. We compare the FFA curves together with their uncertainty limits obtained using flows, water levels, flood inundation area and volumes for the Warsaw reach of the river Vistula.

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Moreover, we derive the FFA curves obtained using simulated flows. The results are used to derive the error distribution for the maximum simulated and observed values under different modelling techniques and assess its influence on flood risk predictions for ungauged catchments. The additional questions we want to answer are what is the range of application of different modelling tools under various flow conditions and how can the uncertainty of flood risk assessment be decreased.

This work was partly supported by the projects "Stochastic flood forecasting system The River Vistula reach from Zawichost to Warsaw " and "Modern statistical models for analysis of flood frequency and features of flood waves", carried by the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences on the order of the National Science Centre contracts Nos.

Alcohol and cigarette use among Warsaw adolescents: Factors associated with risk and resilience. Background Youth in Poland are at notable risk for substance use. Guided by resiliency theory, we examine if developmental risk and promotive factors are associated with substance abuse risk. We used hierarchical regression models and examined compensatory and protective models of resilience, controlling for sociodemograhic factors.

Conclusion Collectively, results of the study support compensatory and protective models of resilience in a large representative sample of Warsaw adolescents. Bergauer, T. Monitoring the manufacturing process of silicon sensors is essential to ensure stable quality of the produced detectors.

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During the CMS silicon sensor production we were utilising small Test Structures TS incorporated on the cut-away of the wafers to measure certain process-relevant parameters. Another important application of TS is the commissioning of new vendors.

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The measurements provide us with a good understanding of the capabilities of a vendor's process. We will first review the improvements to the original CMS test structures and then discuss a selection of important measurements performed on this first batch. Force Mobilization. Poland 's syndrome consists of the variable clinical features, but always includes unilateral aplasia of the chest wall muscles and ipsilateral anomalies of upper extremity.

The incidence of Poland 's syndrome, reported by different authors ranges from , to , and is observed more frequently in males than in females with the right side of the body affected more often than the left. The etiology of this syndrome is still discussed. However most of described cases were sporadic, rare familial incidence of Poland 's syndrome were also presented.

Therefore different etiologic factors of the Poland 's syndrome are taken into account: genetic, vascular compromise during early stages of embriogenesis but also teratogenic effect of environmental xenobiotics e.

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The authors present also the case of years old man with inherited bilateral syndactyly with the right side aplasia of major pectoralis muscle and face asymmetry. The familial history was negative in respect to the features, associated with Poland 's syndrome. Lyme disease in Poland in Most cases of Lyme disease occur in the North- East region of Poland ; however, it is important to note that the disease is no longer solely a problem of this region of Poland.

The aim of this work is to assess the epidemiological situation of Lyme disease in Poland in as compared to the situation in the previous years.

In there were 8 registered cases of Lyme disease and it is 4. The overall incidence in the country amounted to The highest incidence rate was recorded in Podlaskie province - In incidence rate of Lyme disease was gradually dropping down. The registered number of cases was reduced by 4. There is still a fairly low percentage of cases detected with diagnostic test called Western blot method.

The form and functions of airports change over time, just like the form and function of cities.


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Historically, airports are understood as places of aircraft landing, control towers operation and location of other facilities used for communication and transport. This traditional model is giving way to the concept of so-called Airport Cities, based on the assumption that, in addition to its infrastructure and air services, also non-air services are performed, constituting a source of income. At the same time, their reach and impact on the economy of the areas around the airport are expanding.

Idea City Airport appeared in the United States in the late twentieth century. The author is J. Kasarda, he believes that it is around these big air ports that airport cities develop. In the world, there are currently 45 areas which can be classified in this category, out of which 12 are located in Europe. Main air traffic hubs in Europe are not only the most important passenger traffic junctions, but also largest centres dispatching goods cargo.

It can be said that, among the 30 largest airports, 24 are the largest in terms of both passenger and freight traffic. These airports cover up to At the same time, they serve The plan developed takes into account the findings of the Mazovian voivodeship spatial development plan, specifying the details of its provisions where possible.

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The development is the first step for the implementation of the concept of the Modlin Airport City. The accomplishment of this ambitious vision will only be possible with hard work of a number of entities, as well as taking into account the former Modlin Fortress, currently under revitalisation, in concepts and plans.

During a 2-day meeting, there were country-based presentations using a predefined template so as to make the data comparable and focus the discussion. Areas covered were country epidemiology, surveillance, national strategy for treatment and prevention, standards of care, access to care and treatment availability. Each participant filled in a questionnaire investigating HIV guidelines usage per country. EACS guidelines version 7. They also emphasized the need to increase publishing of data from national cohorts in that region.