Sex offenders and sanger and texas

Sex Therapy in Sanger, TX

Miller has been working with registered sex offenders for the past seven years, and believes there is a stigma, and dramatization about the amount of sex offenders alone in Denton county. Most look like average people.

See What Happened When Parole Officers Visited Sex Offenders on Halloween

Sex offenders in Denton are mainly charged with indecent exposure, failure to register as sex offenders and sexual conduct with a minor. Before becoming the overseer of sex offenders in Denton county, Miller used to be an undercover agent, posing as a minor to catch sex offenders.

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Now, sex offenders and predators are documented every day. Miller said that the offenders know they are being watched, their records are public, and everyone knows where they are at all times.

Everything is public. The most serious sexual crimes generally result in felony charges and, if you are found guilty, prison time. They include:.

If you are convicted of a sex crime, your name is published in the Denton County Registered Sex Offenders List , which is then shared with state and national registries. As a result, you may have difficulty finding housing and employment, or even retaining your privacy. There are also charges that you might consider more embarrassing or foolish than criminal. But Texas considers them crimes. Unless you aggressively fight these charges, you may still do time in jail, pay hefty fines and have to live with a clouded record and embarrassing publicity.