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TSA continues to pay Desyne to host and maintain two major Web-based information systems. TSA has taken no steps to discipline the technical lead, who still holds a senior program management position at TSA. The manual was taken down quickly, but the breach raised questions about whether security practices had been compromised. Other common criticisms of the agency have also included assertions that TSA employees have slept on the job, [] [] [] [] bypassed security checks, [] and failed to use good judgment and common sense.

TSA agents are also accused of having mistreated passengers, and having sexually harassed passengers, [] [] [] [] having used invasive screening procedures, including touching the genitals, including those of children, [] removing nipple rings with pliers, [] misusing body scanners to ogle female passengers, [] having searched passengers or their belongings for items other than weapons or explosives, [] and having stolen from passengers.

The TSA was also accused of having spent lavishly on events unrelated to airport security, [] having wasted money in hiring, [] and having had conflicts of interest. The TSA was accused of having performed poorly at the Presidential Inauguration viewing areas, which left thousands of ticket holders excluded from the event in overcrowded conditions, while those who had arrived before the checkpoints were in place avoided screening altogether. A report by the Homeland Security Department Inspector General's Office charged that TSA was using criminal investigators to do the job of lower paid employees, wasting millions of dollars a year.

In January , Jason Edward Harrington , a former TSA screener at O'Hare International Airport , said that fellow staff members assigned to review body scan images of airline passengers routinely joked about fliers' weight, attractiveness, and penis and breast sizes. According to Harrington, screeners would alert each other to attractive female passengers with the code phrase "Hotel Papa" so that staff would have an opportunity to view the passengers' nude form in body scanner monitors and retaliated against rude flyers by delaying them at the checkpoint.

TSA Administrator John Pistole responded by saying that all the scanners had been replaced and the screening rooms disabled. He did not deny that the behaviors described by Harrington took place. In May , actress Susan Sarandon claimed that during the entire time of the Bush administration she was "harassed everytime I came into the country".

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She said that she hired two lawyers to contact the TSA to determine why she had been targeted but that she assumed it was because she was critical of the Bush administration. She said the harassment stopped after her attorneys followed up a second time with the TSA. The case extended from a woman who had been detained and arrested by TSA in but later the criminal charges were acquitted in court; she had sought damages under the FTCA for damages related to the false arrest and related matters.

In addition, the poll states opposition is lowest among those who fly less than once a year. The report touched upon several topics of misconduct but the main focus of the report was of the TSA criminal investigators who received a premium on their pay despite not meeting the minimum qualification to be eligible for this pay.

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However Office of Inspector Generals has found the TSA's response lacking as they have yet to fix a majority of the issues brought up in the report. Numerous groups and figures have called for the abolition of the TSA in its current form by persons and groups which include Sen. The TSA's critics frequently cite the agency as "ineffective, invasive, incompetent, inexcusably costly, or all four" [] as their reasons for seeking its abolition. Those seeking to abolish the TSA have cited the improved efficacy and cost of screening provided by qualified private companies in compliance with federal guidelines.

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Does deloitte drug test

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