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Jump to navigation. Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons in photographs, film, audio recordings or printed material. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in an historical context.


Legal records, including records created by the police, courts and gaols, can be useful for locating information about your ancestors. In fact, these records might be the only official mention of particular Aboriginal people. Police, court and gaol records are a diverse range of records that date from the early decades of white settlement. They include records like:.

Access to court and tribunal records

Police gazettes were publications circulated to police stations and contained lists of crimes committed, escaped prisoners, warrants issued and court reports. Not all the people mentioned were on the wrong side of the law — information was published about the victims of crimes, too, and about missing persons. Children and young people who absconded from institutions were sometimes listed in gazettes.

The applicant registered the title of the newspaper, the names of proprietors, their occupations, places of business and places of residence. Until there were no legal means of dealing with the estates of deceased persons in Western Australia. The estates of those who died in the Colony between and were administered in Britain, were settled informally, or were settled later.

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In , jurisdiction for the administration of estates was vested in the newly established Civil Court of Western Australia and in jurisdiction was transferred to the Supreme Court. It is important to distinguish between the two. A Grant of Probate is the official proving of a Will. A Letter of Administration is the document issued when a person dies without a will intestate or where the executors cannot carry out their duties. The files associated with Probate and Administration are amongst the most heavily accessed of archival records, and are essential documents for anyone researching their family history.

See also further information on accessing probate and administration records. This publication provides a detailed guide to the main categories of Supreme Court records outlined above and is available for use in the State Records Office Search Room. Following colonisation, Resident Magistrates also known as Police Magistrates and Government Residents were established in key areas of the State in the 's to officiate in legal and administrative matters.

These functions were eventually passed to other government agents. The responsibility of customs, for example, was transferred to the Commonwealth soon after Federation in Court functions were taken over by Clerk of Courts and Resident Magistrates were effectively abolished by A substantial amount of information about the various Resident Magistrates can be gleaned from their correspondence to and from the Colonial Secretary's Office. Records relating to various Resident Magistrates may also be located through the listings at the hardcopy AN 17 finding aid available at the State Records Office or online under the name of the required Magistrate's district.

It should also be noted that Police Magistrate records may in some cases be located through the police records in the hardcopy AN 5 finding aid available at the State Records Office or through the online catalogue under the name of the local police station.

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The State Records Office holds records from over courthouses located throughout the metropolitan and country areas of Western Australia. The types of records created by these Courts include plaint files, correspondence, minute books, evidence books, summonses, licence registers, charge books and execution books to name a few.

Metropolitan Courthouse records held by the State Records Office can be traced through the listings in the hardcopy AN 17 finding aid available at the State Records Office or online under the name of the required court. The following are selected examples of the types of lower court records available for the metropolitan area. The State Records Office holds records from a number of regional courthouses located throughout the State.

Records which may prove especially useful are the Minutes of Evidence of the Police Court, Local Court, Court of Petty Sessions and the Court of Quarter Sessions, which can provide information on the trials of criminals for a variety of offences. Also useful are the records of the various Licensing Courts which provide information on people applying for different types of licenses such as liquor, sandalwood, timber, dog, cart, billiards, confectioners, board and lodging, firewood, pawnbroker, hawkers, pearling, etc.

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In the court records can also be found plaints, which are kept for many courthouses and some mining warden records relating to goldmining and other leases. Regional courthouse records held by the State Records Office can be traced through the court record listings in the hardcopy AN 17 finding aid available at the State Records Office or through searching under the name of the required court. Selected examples of regional courthouse records held by the State Records Office include the following:.

Subsequent amendment allowed the Court to sit in other designated areas in the metropolitan area. In the Courts of General and Quarter Sessions were arranged into districts. The court ceased on 1 July when the Quarter Sessions were abolished and the district courts took on the criminal as well as the civil jurisdiction. Clerk of the Peace The bulk of the records relating to cases heard by the Quarter Sessions were created by the office of the Clerk of the Peace.

How to Access Public Records Information

The office lapsed in , but after the abolition of the office of Judge Advocate and the institution of Quarter Sessions in , it became necessary to revive the office.