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But, I will not reinstall until somebody can tell me what is happening.

The good ol' days of AOL chat rooms

Forget about their customer support too. The links to email and chat have been broken. AOL Tech support was totally useless. Every month like clock work Desktop would gradually slow down to a crawl and then freeze. That is when I noticed that it was for some unknown reason also causing my Firefox and IE to slow to a crawl. I would at that point do a uninstall reinstall the only thing tech support suggested The 3.

I installed Thunderbird and never looked back. I agree with Kathy and many others. They really need to revert to the last version. No idea other than they are working on the account. What BS is this. If they want to charge 4. The aol gold is slow, freezes and is a POS as it stands now. Agree with Rich, here — and most other posts.

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Call me nostalgic and old. Now they have 9. I guess all we can do is complain every day for a while that might them think twice. Wonder who came up with this idea. My grandson set mine up for the aol gold and two days later it was gone. I like the one I have always had because it is easier to do what I need to do on it. I also had to redo my icon to my desk top which sucked.

How do I delete an America Online (AOL) Screen Name? - Ask Dave Taylor

They need to stay on what we already have and leave well enough alone. I am paying 9. Not happy. Ive been paying 7 times that much for years! How does that work I wonder? I have used it since and relied on it heavily when starting my own business in All my client files are stored on my PC and not on AOL — perhaps that was stupid on my part so I feel I have to stick with them until I retire which, at this rate, will be a lot sooner than I had originally planned. I am the elderly that has paid AOL since I find it is the easiest website there is plus they give me tech help when I need it.

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You have been repeatedly ripped off — you should try to get your money back. They stopped charging years ago — not until recently they want money for their desktop gold. Use aol mail on google — its free and you can keep your email address — Good Luck. People using dialup still paid a monthly subscription. There are still many on dialup, including elderly people who never bothered with it or people who live outside broadband service areas.

Use these settings to access AOL mail from another email client or app

They are discontinuing some of the 9. I thought maybe they were doing this state by state. Starting with CA of course. I may have an email ready to send and it freezes up and signs off then I reopen aol and the email is gone. I agree! This gold one, is too slow! Please give me back the old one. Why is that? Plain and simple — save everything you want in favorites and emails then run. I am now aol free. Tech service would not answer unless I bought a tech payment.. I am thinking of switching to gmail but I have used aol for 30 years..

I also have been a long time user. Ditched it and am using Google to access email under old AOL email addresses. AOL Gold is beyond awful. I installed it in August and took it down the same day because the performance was awful.

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Today when I signed in I was informed that 9. Three hours after trying to use Gold it is even worse than before, Does anyone have the e-mail address for the CEO from Verizon. We need to bombard his mailbox with messages from our gmail accounts. Why would they discontinue 9.

Unable to change AOL® Settings : How to fix

I agee Mike it is awful and I have been a customer for 17 years. If you get the email or contract please post Thanks Is there a class action lawsuit brewing? Thats a great idea Mike! Im going to see if I can find it…….

Im also a long time verizon customer and Im getting ready to ditch them all!! You also loose the hover for drop down on your favorites list. Now you have to click Favorites open and scroll to where you want. I really miss the hover. What Americans need to realize is Aol Is falsely advertising. Since verizon now owns. Sorry cant find any other place on here to post a comment, so Im replying on your post. My husband subscribed to this about 6 months ago and is paying 4. Before I was able to use the one download on here which was originally set up under is user name. Under that name he also has 3 other user accounts.

Those accounts have access to Gold mine doesnt. Saying my account is separate from his. So one computer, 2 different downloads paying twice? Is this a rip off or what? I just download the Gold and all it does is freeze and slow down the entire computer. I mostly use the desktop version for chat room access. I am very disappointed in AOL treating their users like this!!! I also say Verizon has something to do with this.

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Can you believe they shrunk our mail the only reason we sign on so we could instead see annoying advertisements? Well, seeing how Verizon just bought them, that might be the plan, to bomb aol and make us all pay for verizon somehow.

Step 1: Try VoilaNorbert

What a shame. I need to find another work space because this is ridiculous. Its ugly, its clumsy, its slow, its not customisable, no buddy list, the chatrooms are all empty. I have been a part of the aol online role playing community since , its all but dead now and this will be the final nail in its coffin. AIM has always shown your real name or the name you created your aol account under. Go to aim. From there your full aim account comes up with setting and IM preferences.

Click on the little arrow next to your name. I too got the letter to upgrade to AOL Gold but after reading comments think I am going to let the deadline pass and see what happens. If I can still get my e-mail which is basically all I use it for think I will just hang on to the old and see what happens.

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PSA: Don’t share your old AIM screen name

Cathy… you can access your aol mail from any browser believe you go to aol. Cathy, That is what I plan to do also. This is utterly Ridiculous. I have been on AOL for 16 yrs.