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This would include the reason you are rejecting them, a copy of their background check, and a copy of a summary of their rights under the FCRA. Typically, a week is sufficient. That letter should include information on the CRA you used, a reminder that the applicant can dispute the information, and another copy of the FCRA rights summary. The steps above are summarized. Go to the source from the U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The short answer is lawsuits. From big corporations to small businesses, no one is bulletproof. The good news is that most background check services meant for employers are FCRA-complaint, and they work to help you stay compliant too like our top-rated choices. If you come across a background check service that states in disclaimers that they are not FCRA-compliant, you should avoid using them. Those services typically are meant for personal checks, rather than for employment purposes.

The association ensures the screener is compliant with federal, state, and local laws. Also, the best background check service for small business will include options for getting permission for a background check and sending letters of adverse hire. A background check can give you insight into a candidate for a position you want to fill.

HR Basics: Background Checks

Consider these points below when making your decision on the background check service you use. Financial services, for example, deal with sensitive information all the time.

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You want to make sure your employees treat that information with respect. You can probably afford a background check.

Best background check services in 12222: Personal and business

It can protect you from lawsuits, keep your other employees safe, and it can lower the costs of insurance in some cases. It may seem that background checks are only for full-time employees, but it might be a good idea to have one run on a freelancer. HireRight is a provider of on-demand employment background checks. View Profile. AccurateNow provides employment background check services to small and medium-sized businesses.

The Best Employment Background Check Services for 12222

GoodHire is an employment screening solution for businesses across various industries. Checkr provides compliance background checks for global enterprises and startups. Prices are customized. ClearStar offers drug testing, identity and employment checking, education verification, vendor risk management, and more. Verified First provides customizable pre-employment background screening solutions for businesses of all sizes. Sterling Talent Solutions offers identity and education verification, as well as criminal records checking. CareerBuilder Employment Screening provides pre-employment background screening solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Endera is a cloud-based insider risk assessment platform for businesses of all sizes.

Precise Hire offers criminal records check, and personal and educational verifications. Scott-Roberts and Associates is a provider of background screening products and services.

First Advantage provides pre-employment criminal background screening, fingerprinting, fleet compliance services, and more. You could settle for almost any background check service, but you open yourself up to potential legal trouble or inaccurate information.

How to choose the right background check service

Choosing the best background check service for small business employers like GoodHire is the first step in choosing the best employee for your business. GoodHire gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and compliance is at the top of its priorities. Facebook Twitter Subscribe. All Right Reserved.

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