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Index Volumes Since the bound Barbour volumes were prepared from the slips, they contain essentially the same information and the same references to the original records.

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However, there are some important distinctions:. While the slip index retains the original spelling of the surname, the bound volumes consolidate surnames under one spelling, so that the original is not preserved. Since the bound volume is yet another generation away from the original source, the potential exists for additional errors in transcription.

Each bound volume contains an introduction explaining the sources of information and abbreviations used. Bound volumes were not prepared for the towns of Bolton, Coventry, Enfield, Mansfield, New Haven, Norwich, and Vernon since published compilations of vital records had previously been prepared for these towns.

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However, these towns are included in the statewide slip index. In a few cases, such as those of Coventry and Mansfield, the Barbour slips were prepared from the published vital records, and the page references are to the published book, not to the original manuscript volume.

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Early Norwich and Woodstock vital records were also published; the Barbour Collection volume for New Haven only covers the years , and the Woodstock volume the years Published vital records volumes as well as Barbour Collection bound volumes are available for Saybrook, Suffield, and Windham. Are there indexes to vital records? Are there other sources of vital records?

Barbour Collection The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records is an index to and transcription of most towns' vital birth, marriage, death records from the inception of the town to about the year Initially, the British pound and other foreign currencies were used. Local paper money was also used from , but was denominated in pounds, shillings and pence. It was worth less than sterling, with 1 Connecticut shilling equal to 9 pence sterling. This document was administered with Rensselear , the son of Luany and Bostwick Tuttle, serving as witness.

His name was later improperly transcribed as "Ronsley Tuttle. It is also interesting that Luany apparently could not read or write as she signed with her mark, an "X". Document 9 --Samuel Tuttle Jr. Thompson We are uncertain if this was the father of Bostwick or his brother. Old Windham, NY Map and additional information about Samuel Tuttle grandfather of Rensselear and his son Bostwick father of Rensselear who made their home there after leaving Connecticut. Bostwick and Luania were listed on the Connecticut Census records through , but by they appeared on the records for Green County, New York.

At that time Rancy was twenty-one years old and about , he married Clarissa Crozier who was a native of Peru, Bershire, MA and born July 23, eight years younger than he was.

Their first child, Sherman B. Following the birth of their youngest son, Albert, May 12, , they moved to Euclid, OH where their first daughter, Charlotte Melisse was born February 10, When Charlotte turned three, the family moved to Licking Co.

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There, her younger sister, Ellen Marie, was born. She must have been quite a surprise addition to the family because Clarissa celebrated her forty-seventh birthday that year. By the Census, Rancy was a sixty-one year old senior citizen and Clarissa was fifty-four. In , we found "Ranson" and Clarissa living with their son William S. He was seventy years old and she was sixty-six. Their son William was a man of much worth and influence who held many public offices, and represented his district in the Wisconsin State Legislature of While in office, it is said he introduced the first lien law ever enacted in the State.

December 4, , Albert was enlisted by E. Hyman with Co. A of Wisconsin 19th Infantry in Baraboo. His military records show he was a surveyor who stood just five foot, five inches high. His eyes were blue, his hair was brown and he had a light complexion. He was mustered out in Madison, January 9, When the Census was recorded, they were living with their youngest son, Albert, in Wrightsville, Brown Co.

Shortly after that census was taken, Albert and his family moved to a wild tract of land in the township of Weston, Clark County, Wisconsin along with his sister Charlotte and her husband Eben Delos Raymond and their family. At the time of their arrival, there was only a foot path to their land and the Indians were numerous in the vicinity. Rensselear died July 15, , shortly after the Federal Census was taken.

Both "Clarisy", as she was affectionately called, and "Rancy" lived the last years of their lives as paupers who resided at varying times with both Albert and their daughter Charlotte who had married Eben Delos Raymond. In those pre-social security days, long lived individuals often needed pubic assistance. We cannot be absolutely certain where Rensselear and Clarissa were buried, but we believe they were laid to rest in the East Weston cemetery along with many other members of their extended family. Their son Albert's land abutted that burial ground and it has always been under the umbrella of the township which was supporting them both at the time of their death.

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There are some unmarked lots surrounded by close family members and they were likely buried there with only a wooden cross to mark their graves. We do know Rensselear's funeral was held in the nearby Hyslip School and it is extremely unlikely his body would have been shipped anywhere else, due to the expense and the fact that they had resided in Ohio for the greater share of their lives and none of their children lived there anymore. We have searched the cemeteries in both Brown and Fond du Lac counties and did not find them buried in there. It would be fascinating to hear Rensselear describe what he saw in his ninety plus years of life.

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The Revolutionary war had ended just six years before he was born and America was being governed by the Continental Congress. He was born the year George Washington was elected to the first of his two terms as President. He was just turning three when Congress acted on Hamilton's recommendations in the Coinage Act of , and the Dollar Bill was established as the basic unit of account for the United States.

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His family were early pioneers of Wisconsin and saw it into statehood. When the pine forests of Wisconsin were converted to farmland, he helped load logs, develop roadways and plow fields.

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When Samuel F. Morse's electric telegraph united the country in the s, he witnessed it. And, he helped hold down the home front as his sons William, John Wesley and Albert went off to the Civil War to fight for a united country and freedom of slaves.

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Rensselear may not have been a wealthy man, but he experienced lots of American history, had a long marriage and people who loved him. His body may be buried in a grave which is no longer marked, but his life has not been forgotten. Sherman B --b. She was b. William S. Chandler Judd 30 Apr , died 21 Dec in Watertown. Therefore, you will need a reliable and trustworthy contact person on location who can help you provide the information on options and legal steps that are needed to make your dream wedding come true.

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