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Note 1 : Many of the links listed below take you to a FamilySearch Collection of digital images. If there is a camera icon at the right of the name in the Format column then the collections' images are browsable.

If there is a camera with a key icon, it is only available at a Family History Center or affiliated library. If there is a film reel icon, then it is only available in microfilm format, not digital. You do not need a subscription, but do need an Ancestry account. Without a subscription you can view indexes. If there is an image associated with a record, in most cases you will need a subscription, but the index does include very usable information.

I love the Wayne County probate records on Family Search.

The Dibean Michigan Marriage Index

He was the first member of my family tree to live and die in Detroit. I usually start at the middle and start narrowing the search. We finally find Samuel after a few searches on page It is always a good idea to look up associated family surnames when you locate an ancestor in this probate record index.

This is another 4th great grand uncle, Elliott Gray, who followed his brother, Samuel, to Fort Detroit around Now what? Family History Fair Tomorrow! There will be 3 live classes with the remainder of the instruction being videos from the latest RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City in February Following the event, a light dinner will be available.

Program Operations Manual System (POMS)

The Family History Fair is free, however registration is requested. Michigan obituaries should be chosen for their next index project Cast your vote for Michigan obits here. I completely understand the frustration Detroit researchers feel when their ancestor is not found in the Family Search Michigan death and burial record collections. There are even a few deaths from to thrown in.

Usually, the front of the card has a obit-like typed bio and the back has hand written notes from over the years. Now these records you have to work a bit for since they are not indexed but may be a goldmine. United States Headstone Applications for U. Military Veterans, 1, Detroit Death Records This collection contains applications for headstones received by the Cemeterial Division of the Quartermaster General during Ahh… Death records.

Clerk and Register of Deeds

Many family historians will or already have altered out-of-state family vacations to obtain death information on their ancestors. Whenever I travel, I locate county clerk offices, courthouses, cemeteries, and state archives along the way, just in case I might need to stop for records I cannot obtain online or in my home state.

Fortunately, Michigan researchers are only a click away from unearthing Detroit and Wayne County death information ranging from — Better yet, Detroit and Wayne County death record images are available from — online for free thanks to Family Search and the Archives of Michigan — Seeking Michigan seekingmichigan.

Just in the past year, researchers have been able to view indexed Michigan Death Certificates, information and request image copies from Family Search for free. How to receive free Michigan, Death Certificates, images on Family Search will be covered shortly. Michigan, Deaths and Burials, , Detroit death records , Wayne County death records A random collection of indexed Michigan deaths and burials from Michigan, Death Index, , Detroit death records , Wayne County death records The collection is an index is provided by Ancestry. This collection covers deaths registered by county clerks from With only a smidgen over , records in the entire collection, Family Search estimates that nearly half of Michigan deaths were not recorded.

I have learned from personal experience that when you order a death certificate from the State of Michigan during this time period, they take the exact data off these records to fill in the certificate. If you were researching your Michigan ancestors at the time, you anxiously awaited and constantly checked Family Search for the release of this collection.

Lansing, MI. Ontario Deaths, and Overseas Deaths, Being so close, Many Detroiters enjoyed crossing over to Ontario, Canada for various reasons like vacations, business, or to visit family. This collection is a tad finicky. Image my surprise to find his death certificate when not one time in the years I researched his life was there a mention of his summer home in Riverside, Ontario.

Marriage records can either knock brick walls down or reinforce them. Those little slips of paper can hold a treasure trove of family information and Wayne County researchers have multiple online resources at our disposal. Michigan, County Marriages, 22, Wayne County marriage records. Michigan, Marriages, , Detroit marriage records , Wayne County marriage records While this electronic index collection is not complete for all of Michigan, it is a wonderful resource for Wayne County.


Michigan, Marriages, , Detroit marriage records , Wayne County marriage records Name index and images of marriages recorded in the State of Michigan. Michigan Marriages, 22, Wayne County marriage records The Wayne County records in this database cover the years through Michigan Marriages to 18 Wayne County marriage records Eh..

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I guess better than none. Information recorded on U. Sometimes marriages just do not work and couples divorce. Usually to find Detroit divorce records information, researchers would most likely have to go to a courthouse or the State of Michigan Archives in Lansing.

Michigan Public Records

Not anymore. Michigan, Divorce Records, 1,, Wayne County marriage records This database includes divorce records created by the Michigan Department of Health, Bureau of Records and Statistics, as well as court returns of divorces. Sometimes the birth was recorded by the state 12 — 18 months after the event.

Family Search Michigan Births, — Michigan, Births and Christenings,