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His descendant, Ella Hughes, had a War of marker placed at the Joiner cemetery in Tangipahoa Parish where he is supposedly buried. She says that her membership in the Daughters of is based on the service record of John Ballio, of the 17th, 18th and 19th Consolidated Regiment, Louisiana Militia. John's daughter, Frances, filed a claim stating that her father had served under Captain Berry in the War, but no such unit was found and her claim was denied for proof of service.

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A family story says that John fought at the Battle of New Orleans. After the battle, he and two other soldiers, William Brown and Rodney Ridgdell, were discharged and had to go home any way they could. In this case, that meant walking. When they reached the home of Nathan Joiner in then-St. Tammany Parish, Nathan took them in. All three soldiers married daughters of Nathan. Judging from T. According to a book by Albert E. Helena parish, by purchase, in The microfilm of British, Spanish and U.

Land Claims in Louisiana shows that John Bailey made a land claim, by cash sale, November 19, hard to read in St. Tammany Parish.

Tammany Parish area at the same time. Both Baileys seem to be linked to the McCullens. McCullen married Elizabeth Hamilton in the same location on the same date. Tammany Conveyances, Book C-1, page ]. In they built their home in a grove of hickory trees about one mile Northeast of Nathan Joiner's home Nathan's first home was on the very spot where the Zemurray Lodge now stands.

The Bailey home was situated on a high area of ground near a small stream which became known as Bailey Branch. The house consisted of two log pens, built near each other with large beams connecting them forming a center hallway; hand-split pine boards formed the shingles of the roof. The overall home was floored most homes then had only earth with puncheon floor a broad roughly planed board with one side hewn flat. The cracks between the logs were chinked with a mixture of clay and grass, with tall heart pine poles forming the corners, giving strength to the chimney.

The only tools they had to use for the entire structure were a foot ax and a broad ax. Hughes, John's great-great-granddaughter, has published in her writings that in the summer of , John and Clarissa needed seed corn for the farm. Many of these stories were related to Mrs.


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Hughes by her father, during their fireside chats. John Bailey and Nathan Joiner were in the census of St. Helena Parish which was probably recorded in late or early John has a daughter under the age of ten. Tammany deeds]. In the census of St. In John's household there were 2 males ages , 1 age himself , 3 females under 5, 1 female age , and one female age wife.

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He is on an voter list in St. In , he is age 62, and is found on page of the St. Tammany census. He is next door to his son, James. John and Clarissa were early members of Sharon Church, which was erected in They transferred to Sharon that year, by letter from Beulah Church. It appears that they attended regularly between and , although John was among several members who received a letter at one point, inviting him back because he had been absent due to the distance between the church and his home.

The Baileys often gave a 25 cent donation. In September John was named as an alternate delegate. Many Louisianians flocked to the colors to support the Confederacy.

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By November , more than 24, were in the field. Eventually more than 60, served in the Confederate armies. However, after late , volunteering throughout the South slowed. April saw the Confederacy pass the first conscription act in U. Many Louisianians were conscripted and this was accompanied by draft-dodging and desertion. On 4 December , he sold this tract of land to Joseph and Mary Dykes. This land was some miles north of Clarissa's and the others' tracts of land.

The rest of the family appears to be pretty close together. Were they on opposite sides? Son John J.

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