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For example, search: Knox County Probate Marriage. For marriage records not in our collection, contact the local Probate Court or county archives to find out where the records are housed.

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Also, check the Online Collections Catalog for indexes done by county genealogical and historical societies. Having the index citation will help you when contacting the county's probate court to request the record. Many courthouse records in Ohio were filmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints and can be seen on their website, www.

The website is free, but you will have to sign up for an account to view the original documents. The database is not entirely name indexed, so your ancestors may not appear after a search. If you are looking for a marriage record from for a couple who lived in what is now Mahoning County, you may need to check both the Columbiana and Trumbull County Probate Court marriage records.

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The exact citation to the event should have the following:. If you know that a person was married in Ohio, but you do not have the exact year of marriage, you can request research for a record of marriage during a ten year time frame. It is necessary to know the county or city in Ohio where the person was married.

The citation to the event must include the following:.

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If you have a general idea of the year in which the person was married, you may consider reviewing all of the records from that year or group of years. The marriage should have been reported to the court by the groom prior to the marriage and the return submitted by the Justice of the Peace or the minister after the marriage was performed.

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If you cannot find the record you want, the couple may have been married in a different county or at a different time, the officiant may have neglected to submit the marriage return to the court, the records may have been affected by a destructive event in the probate court's history fire, flood, etc. Consider reviewing probate court marriage affidavits or consent records, which certify that the bride and groom are of legal age and are not closely related. One party must be a current resident of the county or Both parties live out of state.

If under eighteen, please call for specific requirements. What do I bring along to apply? Interpreter, if unable to answer questions in English. Where and how long is the license valid?


Union County, OhioProbate Court

License is valid for 60 days from the date issued. License is valid anywhere in the state of Ohio, if you are a resident. License issued to out-of-state residents are valid only in the county where it was issued.

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  5. Answers to questions often asked: A blood test is no longer required. There is no longer a waiting period before the license is issued.

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    A list of local officials that perform wedding ceremonies will be provided upon your request. Required fields are in bold print. For help with a field, click its label. Applicant 1 Information.

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