Does hawaii allow gay marriage

Senators passed the bill with two lawmakers excused.

Obama's stance on same-sex marriage

Cheers erupted inside and outside the gallery when the vote was taken, with a smattering of boos. The measure is the culmination of more than two decades of debate in the state, where two women in famously applied for a marriage license, touching off a court battle and eventual national discussion on gay marriage. The case led to Congress passing the Defense of Marriage Act in , part of which was struck down earlier this year by the US supreme court.

Same-sex marriage bill passes in Hawaii | US news | The Guardian

The decision that legally married same-sex couples could qualify for federal benefits led Abercrombie to call the special session in Hawaii. The senate vote puts Hawaii alongside Illinois, where a bill legalising gay marriage is also awaiting the governor's signature. Another 14 states and the District of Columbia already allow same-sex marriage.

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Officials in Abercrombie's office said details of a signing ceremony for Hawaii's measure were still being finalised. Topics Hawaii. The trend has gained steam since the U. Supreme Court ruled in June that married same-sex couples are eligible for federal benefits, striking down a key part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Gay Marriage Timeline

But the justices stopped short of declaring a nationwide right to same-sex marriage. Proponents and opponents of gay marriage have vowed to continue their battle state by state. A Hawaii state court judge last week refused a request from opponents for a temporary restraining order to block action on the legislation but said he would examine the constitutionality of the bill once it was enacted.

Allowing gay couples to marry has been vehemently opposed in Hawaii by religious conservatives, as elsewhere in the country. Slom joined three Democrats in opposing the measure. The House of Representatives passed the legislation last Friday, , with a package of amendments aimed at better addressing religious concerns.

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  6. The Freedom to Marry in Hawaii.
  7. The bill explicitly exempts clergy from having to perform gay weddings if doing so would conflict with their religious beliefs. It also grants immunity from liability to religious organizations and officials for refusing to provide goods and services, or their facilities or grounds, for same-sex weddings and related events.

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    Massachusetts led the way in legalizing gay marriage by becoming the first state to do so in A year ago, only six states and the District of Columbia recognized gay marriage, but the number has since more than doubled, due in most cases to litigation over the issue.