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You will be serviced on your regularly scheduled day. Once per week for trash and every other week for recycling. What should I do with my old containers?

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You can keep your old containers or use them for yard waste collection. Bag are currently available at the stores below:. Bulk items such as furniture and mattresses are items that are too large to fit inside your 64 gallon cart. As of December 1, , residents will be required to contact Waste Management at to schedule a collection appointment for these items.

Why is there a fee to collect bulky items and mattresses?

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To keep costs down, bulky items and mattress collection were not included in the base fee. We encourage you to donate old furniture and other bulky items whenever possible. If you would like to avoid the fee, please use the three dumpster days to dispose of bulky items. What do I do with my yard waste? Yard waste will continue to be collected by a separate truck on the predetermined schedule. See our Online City Calendar for dates.

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Yard waste can be placed curbside in standard trash cans or paper yard waste bags. Should I continue to bag my trash? Bagging your trash is not only a City Ordinance requirement, it will help to keep the cart clean and sanitary, and prevent litter on windy days. What should I do with Shredded Paper? Please put shredded paper in with your trash and not the recycle bin. Bulk waste items and mattresses are items that are too large to fit inside your gallon trash cart.

Beginning December 1, , residents will be required to contact Waste Management at to schedule a collection for these items. A separate fee will be charged to the resident for each bulk item collected.

The fees will be charged at the time the collection is scheduled and payment can be made by phone at the same time. Please note, prices for bulky items are subject to an annual increase. Contact Waste Management at to pay for and schedule a pickup for the same day as your regular trash day. To keep costs down, bulky items such as furniture and mattress collection were not included in the base fee.

Waste Disposal & Recycling for Home | Waste Management

Construction Waste Asphalt, Concrete and Wood The Covanta transfer station no longer accepts wood or construction debris. No wood or construction debris, No propane tanks or yard waste. No paints, except solid latex paint that is still in liquid form. Stickers will be issued authorizing drop-offs.

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Stickers for these items can be purchased in advance. Get the clothes and textiles out of the trash cart and into the donation bin!

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Contrary to popular belief, donations in any condition are welcomed by most for-profit and nonprofit textile collectors alike. This includes stains, rips, missing buttons or broken zippers. Society of St. Recycling 2. It takes one-third of a pound of pesticides to make one t-shirt. Items will get tangled in recycling machinery and can cause injury to workers. What Happens to Your Donation? Clothing exports from North America supply high-quality products to local entrepreneurs in Africa, Latin America and other regions.

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The initiative encourages Massachusetts residents to donate unwanted clothing, footwear and other textile products to collection bins, for-profit and charitable organizations. The initiative aims to reduce the amount of textiles that end up in the waste stream by educating the public on ways to recover and reuse textiles. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Published June 2. Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association. Summer Recycling Team Jobs Unit will have to prove they are being serviced by producing a contract to avoid fee. Billing is Conducted in Two Periods - Period 1: January 1st - June 31st Bills mailed beginning March 1st - Period 2: July 1st - December 31st Bills mailed beginning September 1st Unoccupied Units - Owners can avoid fee for each full 6-month billing period that their unit is unoccupied.

Water bill not acceptable for proof of residency - Abatement must be applied for each year.

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  6. Throw them in the trash OTHER In Lynn we see things like construction waste, wood, yard waste, toaster ovens, air conditioners, computers--things that fit in the cart but absolutely don't belong there. Extra Trash and Overflow Bags Q. Tips For Best Service Place the proper items in the correct cart: only trash in the gallon cart and only recycling in the gallon cart. Carts should be placed curbside by 7 AM on the day of your collection.

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    Make sure all materials fit inside your carts with the lids completely closed. Always keep the lid closed to keep rain, snow, and animals out. Container remains property of Waste Management and may not be removed from the property. Use the handle provided to move the cart.

    Tilt the cart on its wheels to roll it. It is easier to pull the cart uphill and push the cart downhill. Remove your cart as soon as possible after collection to maintain the appearance of your neighborhood. Clean your carts periodically by rinsing them with water and letting them dry in the sun with the lid open. To limit trash tonnage in Lynn and save taxpayer dollars.

    Since automated waste collection requires clearance for the vehicles lifting mechanism, any cars parked at the curb should be at least 5 feet from the cart. Click here for our weekly calendar for Q. Walgreens Broadway Broadway Q. Fill out my Wufoo form! Services, Inc. Up to 10 Gallons or LBS. Here are some What Not To Bring!

    At recycling plants, they can get tangled in processing equipment, causing damage and worker injuries. Many supermarkets and other retailers accept plastic bags and wraps for recycling at no cost.