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Should you encounter a broken link, please contact us so we may update it. American DataSearch Sex Offender By State. You are very prompt in getting back to us the documents we need and always are a pleasure to do business with.

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We are very satisfied with the work you are doing and look forward to working with you in the future. I have always gotten fast, friendly service. Which WILL result in landlords and employers discriminating against them, not because of a criminal record but because other tenants and employees will see the online registry and complain and pressure the landlord and employer to get rid of the Animal Abuser.

Neighbors will also not only speak poorly to the person listed but to their spouse, parents and children.


The odds that the property of the person who is publicly listed will experience vandalism at some point will be much, much higher than any other neighbor. Oh, but he died on May 27, , nearly two decades before the punitive legislation passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. Yet the Commonwealth reaches into the grave to punish and accepts no responsibility for correcting its senseless passage of another ill-conceived law. Animal Cruelty Conviction List; established. SB Introduced By Sen.

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If you are going to be dumb at least do it intelligently. Get a brain. Thank you, I appreciate your rational response and second your suggestion!

That's great PM. Dumb meets dumber. Maybe you should rent one of your rooms in your house to these pariahs and reduce Mason's burden.

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The original poster is correct that Mason District has a large number of sex offenders. This is due to the homeless shelter and the over abundance of low cost housing.

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I have an offender several houses down from my own. I check the database every six months or so to see who has moved in and around the neighborhood. I recommend people doing it before buying homes if they have children. Although, like the poor schools it keeps housing prices down.

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  7. If you have identity protection, one of the features is notifications of sex offenders. It will warn you when there has been activity or a change with regards to sex offenders and their locations in one's locality. Mine is always lighting up.

    The area is chock full of predators.