Worst car wrecks in history

While fatal car crashes are common, the deadliest car accidents in history are much more than your average fender bender.

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They involve deadly explosions , treacherous driving conditions, and a run of bad luck that would put any gambler out of business. The explosion resulted in a fire that consumed all vehicles in the tunnels. Fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide worked in tandem to kill the tunnel's occupants. Some cars, unaware of the explosion, continued to enter the tunnel while the chaos was still occurring.

Fearing an attack, Soviet soldiers blocked off the entrances to the tunnel with tanks.

9. Dust Storm: November 29, 1991

The blockade was responsible for further deaths. A fuel truck overturned and exploded on a road near the village and sent a fireball tearing through the town.

About 21 percent of those, or just over 1. Data from U. Those U. More than , others were injured each year during that same period. Wet pavement and rain were the top two contributors to weather-related automobile crashes, based on the year averages, followed by winter weather hazards and fog. It's probably no surprise that wet pavement and rain cause the largest majority of deaths in weather-related accidents given that particular hazard is in play during all seasons.

10. Ochten, the Netherlands, October of 1991, 150 vehicles

Driving situations with rapidly changing weather conditions are particularly hazardous to drivers. Heavy snow, dense fog, or blinding rain can reduce visibility from good to just a few feet in a matter of seconds. Short-term bursts of localized heavy snow called snow squalls are notorious for causing large pileups in winter. Their brief but intense snowfall rates drop visibility quickly while slickening roads, catching drivers off-guard.

The pileup left tractor-trailers, box trucks and cars tangled together across several lanes of traffic and into the snow-covered median. Fog and blowing dust are also significant threats to reduced visibility at a moment's notice. Mercedes-Benz withdrew from motorsport competitions for 30 years after the incident. Loves cars, numbers, math, and graphs. His love for numbers has much to do with the fact that he is a journalist that at one point in his life wanted and studied to become an economist.

His love of cars overcame this minor issue, as his petrolhead nature took over. Part of the automotive world fo Read more DriveMag Tags.

Home Red Calipers. The worst crashes in motorsport history These five horrific accidents will give you the chills. Alexandru Gugoasa.

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New York limo crash: Accident among the deadliest in US history

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Upstate New York limo crash is among the deadliest road accidents in US history

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